I can’t do this I’m too sad anymore I don’t know if ill be back or not ever


it took me forever to get a picture of his orange cheeks oh my gosh.

can we talk about how camera shy char is
No it’s alright! I was in a pretty bad mood, so i wouldn’t have been very talkative. i started to be better at like midnight after playing video games for a couple hours. And then i doodled till three in the morning. I’m fairly over it now. uvu

this birthday pretty much ended up like last year haha

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i’ve never drawn a griffin i want to draw a griffin
and some more canti.

i did a little twenty minute doodle dump thing. here’s some wb. i’m going to take a nap i think uvu

birthday sketch time uvu

i hope today goes better than last year and the year before


i wish the canti figures weren’t so expensive i’d have one oh gosh

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs really loud over robots and space